Viaje a las Islas Hormiga
Voyage to the Ant Islands

Viaje a las Islas Hormiga (2008)

Instalación realizada en el quinto piso de e[Star], espacio ubicado en un antiguo edificio del Centro histórico de Lima.
Un video, unos cuadernillos con textos impresos y una pieza de audio, tratan sobre un trayecto incierto hacia unas islas posibles.


Voyage to the Ant Islands (2008)

The video records a stubborn and non-stop transit across the Pacific Ocean, which never gets to destination, or whose destination is always the transit. Hundreds of tiny take-away booklets contain a series of phrases describing the Ant Islands: these are depicted as facts: a place clearly defined, measurable, traced. At the same time they appear as a territory suspended in a condition of pure possibility. The audio contains a set of interviews with authorized people –a marine biologist, a retired navy captain, a cartographer; who declare that, about those islands, they have nothing to say. There is also a small Peruvian map drawing on a wall.